What very business should know about warehouse locations


Could you get better value for money for fulfilment?

Heading north?

We have welcomed a few new clients on board recently for storage, order fulfilment and returns services. As we are in the warehousing and fulfilment business, this is positive but unsurprising news!

What is more interesting of that two of our new clients are London based, and the biggest factor behind their decision to use a northern fulfilment company is value for money. Having considered local service providers closer to their offices, they discovered that the costs were beyond their budget and started to look further afield.

This got us thinking at DMC – does it matter where a fulfilment centre is located?


The life of a parcel

If you send a parcel on an overnight service, regardless of where the parcel is collected from in the UK, it will still get there the following day. The same can be said for receiving goods – it doesn’t matter if the collection point is London or New Mills (where DMC is located 20 miles Southeast of Manchester), it will still take approximately the same amount of time for a delivery.

The only exceptions to this rule are the highlands of Scotland, Ireland and the islands, which all have a slightly slower collection and delivery rate due to the longer distances involved in the service.


Cutting your fulfilment costs

Why would anyone pay the inflated rates and wages of a London fulfilment company? They could look further north and make substantial cost savings for the storage and fulfilment aspects of running a company without sacrificing any quality of speed.

We understand that it would be nice to use a company at the end of the road so you can nip in at short notice, but the long term savings make it well worth it.

Many of our clients like to visit once a year to run through their accounts and check everything is working well and that’s all that’s needed – it’s worked well for years and I am sure it will continue.

Considering your fulfilment options in 2017?

If you are looking for an order fulfilment partner why not consider looking past Watford Gap. DMC are based near Manchester so convenient for both road and air travel. Just contact Vaughan on 01663 741879 to discuss your needs and see how much money we could save you.

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