A Day in the Life at DMC


We’ve just launched a new video showing a typical day at DMC and it’s well worth a look, especially if you haven’t seen inside a fulfilment warehouse before! The video highlights some of the operations at DMC, explaining how we set up fulfilment for ecommerce businesses and manage everything from integrating order systems, to incoming stock, pick and pack, timed collections and delivery.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTzdvo9M4aI‎ to see all DMC videos

What does Brexit mean for fulfilment? A quick look at possible destinations

Brexit UK EU referendum concept for out of Great Britain

The story so far

On 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom’s voting population decided by a narrow margin to leave the EU and go it alone. The World was in shock at this decision as politicians panicked and left their positions quicker than it took to mark that little cross in a box on the ballot paper in the first place.

The bill to trigger article 50, which we need to leave the EU, has been through legal challenges, media campaigns against the challenges and is going through both Houses of Parliament.

Whether the outcome of the historic vote is welcomed for you and your business or not, we are further on the way to it happening – and in our industry of storage, distribution and order fulfilment, this change could potentially be Yin and Yang moment. Continue reading

What very business should know about warehouse locations


Could you get better value for money for fulfilment?

Heading north?

We have welcomed a few new clients on board recently for storage, order fulfilment and returns services. As we are in the warehousing and fulfilment business, this is positive but unsurprising news!

What is more interesting of that two of our new clients are London based, and the biggest factor behind their decision to use a northern fulfilment company is value for money. Having considered local service providers closer to their offices, they discovered that the costs were beyond their budget and started to look further afield.

This got us thinking at DMC – does it matter where a fulfilment centre is located?

  Continue reading

Want to cut ‘click to pick’ time by 75%?

Robot loader

Amazon robots and the future for fulfilment  

We’re not afraid to admit it. At DMC we love all things technology – and Amazon’s innovations are no exceptions.

Robotics and Automation News reports on a wide range of trends in robotics – and points to Amazon bringing robotic fulfilment to the UK which could, “drastic efficiency improvements in its fulfilment process”. Continue reading

Christmas shopping has changed!

Christmas tree and gift boxes against burning fireplace

The way we shop for presents at Christmas has changed

Preparing for Peak in 2016

Gone are the days of promoting your wares in December and your customers buying up your perfectly packaged products at full price to put under the Christmas tree.

Now we have Black Friday! Black Friday started as a sales day before thanksgiving in the US and has gradually made it into the hearts of UK shoppers in the last few years. First there was chaos on Black Friday 2014 as people pushed and shoved their way into the shops and news reports everywhere- not necessarily in a good way. Continue reading

Back to Work – and Straight to eCommerce Expo in London

top ten tips no 6

Summer is almost over and the leaves are beginning to fall.

It’s time for the business giant that is e-commerce to begin climbing towards Christmas and those        all-important sales opportunities.


So check your stock levels, get rid of your slow movers and stack your shelves with popular items that are attractive to buyers. Put the effort in now, and you could reap rich rewards in the next 3 months!  With luck, you will find yourself inundated with orders to fulfil, and that’s where DMC could help.

Why struggle with stock picking, packing and last minute dashes to the Post Office before it shuts?  Open an account with DMC, and let us deal with all your stock keeping, order processing and order fulfilment. We have timed daily collections from Royal Mail and most next day Couriers, so let us cope with your fulfilment and leave yourself free to sell, sell, sell.

Why not come and see us at e-commerce expo on 1-2 October at Olympia? You’ll find us on stand 162 in the West Hall  and we’ll be happy to talk to you and explain how DMC fulfilment could work for you, or if you are unable to attend the show, you can always call or e-mail Roy Whittle on 01663 741 879  roy.whittle@dmcdist.co.uk

eCommerce Expo banner 2014

Let’s all have a great Christmas!

Keeping Stock of Stock

Last but not least from our new DIY Guide to Order Fulfilment – Top Ten Tips.

top ten tips no 10No. 10: 

It is crucial that you always know exactly how many of each item you have available for sale.  Whether you create a sophisticated spread sheet or a sheet of A4 paper with a list of your products and quantity, controlling your stock levels is very important. It’s no good having 300 units of a slow selling item and only 15 of your fastest seller – this goes back to Tip1.

You’ll need to learn from your orders and adjust your online ordering systems in order to balance your stock levels against your sales levels. Otherwise, you’ll have money tied up needlessly in slow moving stock when it should be invested in your most popular lines.  And finally, if you have slow movers, discount!  Get rid of them! Stock takes up space and space costs money or at least has a limit. Finally:

  • Fill your space with products that sell quickly and make you money
  • Employ high standards of quality and delivery to increase repeat business.

Need more help? Why not check out: ‘Don’t do it yourself. The third party or outsourced order fulfilment approach‘ – a bit more about how companies like DMC can take the load of fulfilment, literally.

Recommendations or Repercussions? Could Parcel Tracking Make the Difference?

Another super snippet from our new DIY Guide to Order Fulfilment – Top Ten Tips.

Here’s no. 7:top ten tips no 7

It depends on the value/size/weight of your item, but you’ll need to consider whether you should ship products on a “tracked” service – this means that you can follow parcels through the delivery system until they are delivered to the customer. Tracked delivery services are more expensive than the basic service, but there is much less chance of the item going astray. One unhappy customer can outweigh many happy shoppers and not all customers are born equal. Whilst the majority of citizens are law abiding, there are always one or two who are happy to spin a bit of a yarn in order to get a free order. It’s worth remembering:

  • Three quarters of customers would recommend a company for an on time arrival
  • Most customers blame the company if a delivery or service is late.
  • Frustrated customers complain to friends and in social networks about their negative waiting experience.
  • The longer a customer waits for an order, the lower the overall customer satisfaction rating.
  • Who’s word against who. If a customer calls you to say they haven’t had a delivery, can you prove they have? If you can, can you provide a realistic expectation of how long it will take to provide an update?

Thinking of Selling Online? Sneak Preview of our Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Tips to order fulfilment no.1Reap the benefits of selling online and see our new DIY Guide to Order Fulfilment – Top Ten Tips

Here’s a sneak preview with Top Tip No. 1:

Which products should you sell online?

If you have a range of goods that you ‘could’ sell online, list your most popular lines, then begin by selling the top 5. This will give you the chance to settle into online selling without having too juggle too many product lines – you can add a few more each week as you get more comfortable with the process.

See all the Top Ten Tips to DIY Order Fulfilment and all of DMC’s order fulfilment services

BREAKING NEWS: DMC @ eCommerce Expo 2014

eCommerce Expo banner 2014Do you have your own business and need access to a warehouse? Want to know more about fulfilment services?

Why not visit us at  eCommerce Expo, 1-2 October 2014 in London. You’ll find us on stand 162 at Olympia’s West Hall.

Come and meet Howard Cooper, Managing Director and Roy Whittle, Business Development Manager. You can talk through your requirements face-to-face, or just get some advice from experienced professionals to discuss any aspect of fulfilment including,  order integration,  incoming stock management, inventory control,  SKU identification, bin allocation, picking, packing specifications and shipping channels.

Don’t miss a real treat too, as you could enter our exciting and aptly named “Guess how many toffee’s are in the jar” competition to win 3 months’ worth of FREE storage when you sign up with us!

Come and talk to us on 1-2 October @ eCommerce Expo. If you don’t ask, you won’t find out.

If you have any questions in the meantime,  you can email roy.whittle@dmcdist.co.uk or howard.cooper@dmcdist.co.uk


Is Anything Really Free?

Image for is anything free DMC blog article

With the continuing rise of internet shopping, currently growing at 12% a year, many companies are offering free returns for unwanted items.  As any business owner knows, there is no such thing as “free” in retail terms, and so it makes you wonder if a proportion of the returns cost has already been built into the price of the item (and every other item in the store). This would mean that anyone who purchases an item from the store is in fact paying a hidden premium to contribute to the cost of someone else having returned an item yet not bought anything.

It might be conceivable that a company could be gambling, say estimating that 60 or 70% of the goods will be kept. Whilst this might be true for high value items, such as washing machines, TVs, Laptops etc., the nature of purchases, such as online clothing, means that the customer may order 2 sizes of the same product and there is also a likelihood that they may just not like it.

Many retailers offer free returns. Could this be, as some online retail forums suggest, that the percentage of returns is lower from online purchases than purchases from bricks and mortar outlet? In a brick store, the showroom effect is more powerful, making the product look different to how it looks at home. Perhaps there really are less returns from online orders and less risk involved in making them ‘free’. We contacted a few of the biggest online retailers to see if they would shine any light on the debate; they declined to comment further than the standard information published on their websites.

Irrespective of company return policies and methods, it still stands that not everybody is going to return items. So why should those who don’t return items pay for those that do? Has the World gone mad or is this just consumer progress?

If you are a retailer and have any thoughts on this we’d love to have your comments below.

If you are in ecommerce and would like to know more about how DMC could help with fulfilment and returns please talktous@dmcdist.co.uk