What does Brexit mean for fulfilment? A quick look at possible destinations

Brexit UK EU referendum concept for out of Great Britain

The story so far

On 23rd June 2016, the United Kingdom’s voting population decided by a narrow margin to leave the EU and go it alone. The World was in shock at this decision as politicians panicked and left their positions quicker than it took to mark that little cross in a box on the ballot paper in the first place.

The bill to trigger article 50, which we need to leave the EU, has been through legal challenges, media campaigns against the challenges and is going through both Houses of Parliament.

Whether the outcome of the historic vote is welcomed for you and your business or not, we are further on the way to it happening – and in our industry of storage, distribution and order fulfilment, this change could potentially be Yin and Yang moment. Continue reading

What very business should know about warehouse locations


Could you get better value for money for fulfilment?

Heading north?

We have welcomed a few new clients on board recently for storage, order fulfilment and returns services. As we are in the warehousing and fulfilment business, this is positive but unsurprising news!

What is more interesting of that two of our new clients are London based, and the biggest factor behind their decision to use a northern fulfilment company is value for money. Having considered local service providers closer to their offices, they discovered that the costs were beyond their budget and started to look further afield.

This got us thinking at DMC – does it matter where a fulfilment centre is located?

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Want to cut ‘click to pick’ time by 75%?

Robot loader

Amazon robots and the future for fulfilment  

We’re not afraid to admit it. At DMC we love all things technology – and Amazon’s innovations are no exceptions.

Robotics and Automation News reports on a wide range of trends in robotics – and points to Amazon bringing robotic fulfilment to the UK which could, “drastic efficiency improvements in its fulfilment process”. Continue reading

Colgate Crunch

Colgate Crunch

The DMC team are getting ready to begin another large product mailer for Colgate. DMC specialise in working closely with customers to make sure we are prepared for big deliveries. We deliver Colgate products to dentists and hygienists all over the country, using the latest distribution technology to deliver the latest in dental technology.  This will involve breaking down 257 pallets of incoming items, and repacking the high value products into dedicated shippers ready for parcel courier despatch to 25,000 U.K. addresses.

New Balancing Act

New Balancing Act

We have 2 new clients joining us – a Canadian based  chemicals company who supply specialist products mainly to the electronics industry, MG Chemicals. And, ever had trouble balancing on two wheels? Another Canadian company, EZtrainer,  sell Bicycle training wheels for adults. EZtrainer design training wheels for anyone who needs a bit of extra help with balance or who haven’t cycled before.  We’re looking forward to them settling in and taking sales forward.